Keep It Simple When It Comes To Getting Testimonials And What Gear To Use

Don’t think that you have to go out and buy expensive gear to be able to get great video testimonials from your clients. The most expensive camera I have ever bought to film clients was under $150.

I find that the simpler the better so you or your technicians don’t get bogged down trying to use something that is cumbersome and awkward. We want our gear easy to use so there is no resistance to using it right. 🙂

Testimonials, especially video testimonials, should be a very important part of your marketing strategy.

Here is a video I recently shot for my Youtube Channel showing all the different gear that I have used over the years and what is my favorite go to stuff that I thought you might find valuable.

The International Cleaning Experts Expo Is In January


There are several industry shows and gatherings that we as cleaners and restorers can choose from each year to gain some new insights and keep our finger on the pulse of latest technology and education.

On January 26-27 I would like to invite you to one of the best value for your time and investment shows of 2017.

The International Cleaning Experts Expo know as ICE, is happening in Las Vegas on January 26 & 27. About 90 days from now so you have plenty of time to get a great deal on a ticket to Vegas.

ICE Expo is a show conceived by manufacturers in the cleaning Industry who saw a need to serve the growing number of cleaning professionals. ICE Expo is simply an incredible value. Attendee and Exhibitor fees are a fraction of the price of other shows and have been designed to be as all-inclusive as possible. This show truly is the most bang for your buck!

One low admission prices gets you tons of free educational seminars/classes.

And this year my free training will cover “How To Out Market The Big Box Franchises In The Restoration Game”.

I will teach you how easy it is to build a lucrative restoration business without having a huge marketing budget or a big franchise name behind you. Whether you are currently offering restoration services to your client base or just thinking about getting into this lucrative industry, you will walk away with the step by step process you need to have in place in your business to have adjusters, agents, and clients sending you all the restoration jobs you could possibly want.

So don’t hesitate go on over to and get registered.

To give you an example of the quality education and information delivered at these seminars/classes here is a sample of what I covered in my last ICE Expo educational seminar as featured on Pro Cleaners Network:

The High Profit Side Of Cleaning

So go on over and get yourself registered for International Cleaning Experts Expo 2017!

Do You Know What An AOB Is?

Sign the Contract
Sign the Contract

An AOB is a good way for scammers to take advantage and rip-off unsuspecting homeowners after a CAT type loss like Hurricane Mathew.

AOB stands for Assignment Of Benefits. And in some states can essentially mean that by signing one, an insured is giving away their rights to any monies that are released by their insurance company in accordance with their insurance policy to another person. In this case to a contractor who is supposed to fix their home after damages have occurred.

This can be a really good thing and make paying for services rendered an easier process for not only the contractor but the insured as well.

Unfortunately it can also make it very difficult for a good, reputable, qualified restoration contractor to get clients to hire them to do the restoration work that they so desperately need help with.

Several insurance companies are putting articles on their websites warning their insureds to not sign these forms and cautioning people to be wary of anyone coming to their door offering to do storm work for them. This is understandable under the circumstances but this will also make it increasingly more difficult to get your foot in the door as a contractor.

But if you make sure that you have a few things in place and step up your game just a bit you could be signing all the jobs you can handle.

Here are three things you need to make sure that you do to put your potential clients at ease and have them asking “where do I sign”:

1. Offer a guarantee on your workmanship. If you won’t stand by your work why should a homeowner hire you? Do not be afraid to stand behind your work. If you and your team are properly trained and have the right equipment to do the work and do it right, then you have no reason not to offer an awesome guarantee to put your potential clients concerns at ease. Take away the fear of doing business with you and your company.

2. Show them social proof. Bring a tablet with you that you can use to show a potential client what others have to say about you. Pull up your website, Facebook Page and your Youtube Channel. This will show them that you have credibility and that you have lots of happy clients that are recommending you to others. And what others have to say about you is infinitely more believable than anything you could say about yourself.

3. Ask them to tell you their story. People need to feel understood and cared about or they won’t feel like they can trust you. And if you are an out of state company that is coming in after a large catastrophe like a hurricane you will need to work harder than a local company to gain their trust and their signature. In the first few minutes of a conversation you need to ask them “can you tell me what happened”? Now that might seem silly when we know a hurricane just hit the area but its not. Everyones circumstance and story are different in some way. Letting them share their individual experience will give you a good foundation to start building trust and creating a connection.

Remember you are going to be dealing with people that are in shock and traumatized.

What they need most from you is understanding and hope.

And for the restoration contractor that provides both for their clients there will be huge success!

So You Want To Go After CAT Losses??

Just about each and every year several islands in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica, Cuba, Cayman Islands, the Bahamas and the east coast of the United States stands a good chance of finding themselves in the path of a large catastrophe loss we call a hurricane.

And just in the last few days Hurricane Mathew wreaked havoc on several small islands and is currently pounding the several States that line the Atlantic as I type this.

There is a huge draw for cleaners, restorers and construction companies to drop what they are doing, pack up equipment and crew to head into the promised land of prosperity and tons of jobs. Jobs that will pay good companies very well to help in such a time of need.

And for those companies that are prepared and experienced in this type of work they can easily make a years worth of income in a short period of time.

But for those that are new or inexperienced in the logistics and nuances of Catastrophe (CAT) Loss work it can be a recipe for disaster.

In my latest video for my “Ask Annissa” weekly column, I talk about some of the important things you need to think about before tackling a CAT loss like Hurricane Mathew.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts…

Ozone vs Hydroxyl…Which One Do You Use And Why?


Ozone has been around in the restoration industry for a very long time. And it’s use has proven effective but have you considered that there may be a better way to deodorize?

Hydroxyl is an old technology that has been used for cleaning and disinfecting for many many years. And it is now gaining a reputation in the restoration industry for it’s ability to remove unpleasant odors.

Have you used either method and what has been your experience?

In the video below I share my thoughts and experiences with both.

The Hazards Of Restoration On A Hoarder Job


When it comes to dealing with a fire there are many challenges. And if you find yourself in a situation where you are dealing with a homeowner who has been hoarding, there will be unique challenges that you will need to navigate.

There are lots of articles that have been written going in-depth on the psychological side of hoarding and its impact. It would serve you well to read some of them if you are going to tackle contents cleaning jobs that involve a hoarder so you are better equipped to help your client on a psychological level in these types of scenarios.

People become hoarders for many reasons:

  • Depression (by far the most common)
  • Trauma (death, divorce, abuse, loss of some kind)
  • Heredity (grew up in a hoarding home) and Genetics
  • Fear of becoming poor
  • Fear of forgetting (items hold memories)
  • Perfectionists (until they find the perfect spot for something….)
  • Don’t want to be wasteful
  • Brain Injuries/Stroke/Anneurysm
  • Dimentia
  • To Push Others Away/Safety
  • Kleptomania/Impulse Control
  • And literally hundreds of other reasons

Understanding these reasons will go a long way in helping you understand your client and how best to handle the cleanup with them.

Here is a recent article that I wrote for Restoration and Remediation Magazine where I go into the steps that are necessary to be able to handle a job like this.

Check it out and let me know what experience you have had working in a home where someone has been hoarding.

Two August Classes Coming Up

Manual photo

We have two Advanced Firehouse Education Contents and Structure Cleaning classes on deck for this month.

And the cool part is you don’t have to get on an airplane to get certified.

Check out the details here.

Have an AWESOME day!

Talk soon,

One Of The Most Important Skills You Need To Learn To Be Successful In Restoration

Having the expertise and skill set that will allow you to write a scope of repairs correctly is critical to any restoration business.

There are 5 key components that are part of a good scope.

Do you know what they are?

Here is a 5 part series that I put together breaking own each one of them down for you…