Adding Content Cleaning To Your Cleaning/Restoration Business

If you are currently in anykind of cleaning business and you are not doing fire/soot clean up even on a small level you’re really missing out on a lot of profit.

You may think that fire and soot cleanup is expensive to get into and very labor intensive. But that’s not true.

Yes you can spend tens of thousands of dollars setting up a huge warehouse full of the latest state of the art equipment and there is nothing wrong with that, if you have that kind of money. But if you don’t have a spare stack of money lying around and don’t want to go into debt in order to add fire and soot cleanup to your companies repertoire of services you will be happy to know that for just a small investment you can add a very high profit center to your existing company right now.

So you need to understand that there are several levels of fire and soot cleanup within a cleaning or restoration business. There are huge contents and structure cleaning jobs that take weeks to complete with all the laundry and specialty items to deal with. And there are small jobs that take just 2 or 3 days to complete.

Now obviously there is a huge price range of job invoices as well. A large job can be $50000 or more while a small job may be only a few thousand. And the profit margin can be very high on these jobs so even a “small job” can be huge to add to your bottom line.

You can ease your way into this type of restoration cleaning in several ways. If you are a carpet cleaner you can market your cleaning services to other restoration contractors that don’t offer this type of cleaning within their company.

You can also partner up with a restoration or construction contractor that does not offer any cleaning services, structural or contents, in their business. Let them know that you aren’t looking to compete with them as you are not a building contractor but that you want to create a Joint Venture relationship for the good of both companies.

Depending on the severity of the smoke or soot contamination will determine what kind and how much equipment you will need. Alot of the equipment you can rent and don’t have to buy right away. For instance Air Scrubbers, Air Movers, Ultrasonic Machine and Hydroxyl Generators can all be rented. This can be a very inexpensive alternative to buying this equipment right off as they can cost thousands of dollars.

I have done jobs that took 2 or 3 days to complete, under a thousand dollars worth of equipment and the invoice was almost $7800. With a 72% profit margin! What will that do for your bank account?

The one thing of course you cannot rent and I can’t stress enough, is the education that you need to do these jobs and do them right. It really is the absolute most important tool you will need in this kind of work.

Actually you could just go out buy some buckets and sponges, google fire and soot cleaning and go for it. (Trust me some do)

But I would not recomend it if you want to be successful and build a good refferral based business.

So don’t let startup cost scare you away from what could be one of the best profit centers in your business.

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