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It’s Whats On The Inside That Counts

It’s Whats On The Inside That Counts

We go to great lengths in our business to make a good impression on our clients. We pay big bucks to put expensive graphics on our vehicles and put our team in nice professional looking uniforms. We spend thousands of dollars on training and certifications not to mention phone book ads, pens and coffee mugs with our logo on them.

But are we missing the little things that matter most and actually cost nothing to do?

It’s one of those little things that I want to talk to you about.

How are you packing your boxes?

Funny question huh? But a very important one.

I’ve had clients tell me that they felt confident and secure in our company just by seeing how we placed items in their boxes after cleaning their contents.

Using bubble wrap and packing like kind items together such as glass with glass and books with books, let’s your client know I care without you saying a word.

Some companies even put a business sized card on the inside of every box that they pack that says “Packed With Care By ________” so the client actually knows the name of the person that handled their things.

What an awesome personal touch!

How does that song go…”You say it best when you say nothing at all”…? How true.

If you are gone and your client is unpacking their own boxes what are they going to feel about your company when they open one up? What are they going to feel when they see how you taped up the outside of the boxes and put fragile or do not stack stickers on them?

Will they feel special? Cared for? Or will they feel unimportant?

So what does your packing say to your clients….?

Remember people forget what we say and what we do but they never forget how we make them feel.

Just something to think about…:)

Here’s a short video of Travis showing students how to properly pack contents in one of our Firehouse Classes.

The Psychology Of A Fire

The Psychology Of A Fire

This is probably the most important topic that I am going to talk about on this blog. It’s the one thing that you can’t be ok at or even pretty good at.

You need to be the best at it.

The range of emotions that someone goes thru when they find themselves going thru a fire in their home is pretty intense. The will feel scared, angry, violated, vulnerable, depressed and confussed.

They might even feel all of these at once:(

This can pose a very intimidating sitiation for any Contents Restoration company to handle. That’s why it’s so important to have the right tools and capabilities in your tool box.

You and your team need to be willing and able to help your client not only thru understanding what to do next but how to do it. This takes compassion, understanding, patience and the ability to connect in a huge way with your client in just a few hours. Most of our fire jobs only last about 7 days. That doesn’t leave me or my team alot of time to build a close relationship with the homeowner. Yet that is exactly what we need to do so they feel comfortable taking our advise and allowing us the kind of freedom we need to get the job done.

The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation with a homeowner that is suspicous of you and doesn’t trust you. If this is where the relationship is at from the get go, you might as well walk away from the job. It will save you and the client a lot of heartache later on.

Helping them handle the letting go process takes them trusting you and is just as much your job as helping them understand how to talk with their adjuster about the payment process of their claim.

I had the privilege of having Dr, Ned Hallowell, an expert psychologist on ADHD and ADD, tour our Mobile Clean Unit and talk with him about how we walk our clients thru the emotional side of a loss.

His feedback was really awesome!

I Love What We Do

I Love What We Do

After cleaning for several days on the home in Idaho we were finally able to give the family back some of their keepsakes.

How cool is it that we get paid for being the Hero!:)

It was so awesome.

See for yourself…

Make A Connection

Make A Connection

The only thing you should be thinking about when you arrive on an Emergency Call Out is what can I do to connect?

Now I know what some of you are thinking. You’re thinking no the first thing to think about is…Who is the insurance company? Is there going to be coverage? How long will this take to fix? How am I going to add this job to my already overloaded job board?  Am I right?:)

I get that these are all really good and important things to think about. I teach the “how to do these steps” in my classes. And there is a time to find out these things but its not in the initial moments of arriving on the scene. I mean if there is’nt coverage for this loss let’s say, that’s pretty darn important to know right up front. But you can find that out at the end of your first conversation with the homeowner not the beginning.

People need to know that you really care about what happens to them. Not their insurance policy.

Those first few minutes should be completely commited to making a connection with your potential new client. You won’t find a better time to seal that bond then right at the beginning of your hopefully mutually valuable relationship.

There are lots of ways to connect with someone. And it’s different with each person. The best way I’ve found is to listen. If you ask they will tell you.

People like to tell their story and someone who has just had a fire or a sewer backup has a BIG story to tell.

Ask them “what happened?”

Then listen…

Listen for them to tell you exactly what they need from you and then give it to them.

Instant connection. It’s really that simple.