If You Want It Then You Have To Earn It

How does that saying go…


Although I do believe that showing up early bright eyed and bushy tailed gives that little birdie an advantage over the other little birdies, it still doesn’t mean he’s getting the worm. He needs to do more than shown up to seal the deal.

The worm has to be earned.

So ask yourself what are you doing to earn your jobs?

There are 3 key ways that we earn jobs in any industry.

One is by having an extraordinary skill set and ability to get the job done well. There are classes you will need to have under your belt so that you have the knowledge you need to do the work you are telling your customer that you will deliver for them. As well as equipment that needs to be available so you have the ability to get it done correctly and efficiently.

The second is the intense desire to get the client the end result that they are seeking. after all it is ultimately the client that is paying you not their insurance company.

And the third is providing outrageous value. Value to all involved. There is usually at least three different people involved on every job. A homeowner, the insurance company and a subcontractor.

Notice I used the words intense, extraordinary and outrageous. Not good or average. There are lots of businesses out there that get things done with “good” or “average” results. If you are one of them I don’t care how early you show up you probably won’t get the job. And you won’t get an adjuster or insurance company to use you exclusively sending you more work than you can handle.

If you approach every job or client with the mentality that you must earn their business you will transform your checkbook, your profits and your team’s commitment in no time.

I know that a lot of you have awesome businesses that do these things already.

So I challenge you to ask…How can I do AWESOME even more AWESOME?

We can improve almost anything if we put our focus on it.

So let me know by commenting below how you plan to take AWESOME to a whole new level in your company? 🙂


We Decided To Put On An Extra Class…You Coming?

Due to popular demand we have decided to add an extra class into our schedule this year.

Normally our schedule is April and October. But for those of you that missed our Spring class the good news is you won’t have to wait until October to add a huge high value service to your cleaning business.

We have added a special class this June on the 12th and 13th at our Washington State location.

What will the class cover?

How Much will I need to invest?

Check out the details here and see what our students have to say about Firehouse.


See you in class!! 🙂

Talk soon,


10 Ways To Boost Employee Morale


Let’s face it there are some big challenges when you are the boss. There’s the checkbook to balance, bills to pay, marketing to be done and business plans to be written. But there are some things that if not done and done well will make all the other things on your to do list a mute point. One of those things is your employee’s morale. Or as I like to call them your Team.

This can be a scary topic for most business owners because they themselves don’t feel like they know how to be a motivator. And Morale is all about motivation and positivity.

Some of us have a natural leader inside of us and can motivate and boost morale in just about anyone.

But for those of us that aren’t even sure how to do that for ourselves here are the top 10 things you can do to make sure your Team’s morale is always at the top of the charts.

Set clear goals and expectations: The quickest way to frustrate someone is to not give them direction. People really do want to please and get the job done right but if they don’t know what the job expectations are they will get frustrated and feel unproductive and morale will go down the drain in a hurry. If your expectations change every day well that would be like changing the rules of a football game at half time. It just isn’t fair and you will frustrate your Team. So have good clear job descriptions for each Team member’s position and hold each member to those expectations.

Give positive feedback: We all want to get that gold sticky star after our name on the chalkboard because it let’s us know that we are on the right track. And that we will get attention when we do good not just when we do something wrong. How discouraging would it be to only hear about your faults? Your Team really needs to know when they get it right so they can do more of it. You get back what you put out. So if you want positive you have to focus on giving positive.

Remove frustrations or barriers: These can be physical or perceived. It could be anything from broken equipment, not having the right equipment to get the job done, lack of training, lack of leadership, unrealistic goals, personal circumstances, and not feeling good enough for the job or even poor communication. This is where being in tune with your Team is so vital. Sometimes your Team may not even know they have a frustration but you can see it in their performance or demeanor and can pick up on it and handle the situation before it’s even a real problem. Have a plan in place for your Team to voice their concerns when things aren’t working.

Acknowledgment: A great way to acknowledge someone is to have an employee of the month program or some kind of reward when a quarterly or monthly goal is met. This doesn’t have to be a huge monetary thing. In fact sometimes just walking to a Team member and telling them that you see what they do for the company and for the clients and others and that you really value them is a huge thing to do. If you have weekly or daily Team meeting (which I highly recommend that you do) use this opportunity to praise your Team and talk about the positive things you see them doing. If you give a monetary reward it can be something like a Starbucks Gift Card, cash or plaque. Better yet take them to lunch so you can get to know them better and spend time around them. Building a connection with your Team is huge for company morale. Praise and praise often.

Communication: Almost every single conflict that has ever happened in my company with my Team members can be traced back to poor or lack of communication. In fact some of the conflict wasn’t even there it was just perceived because there wasn’t any communication between two Team members. People are social creatures and we crave interaction. And if we don’t get it we interact inside our own head and we are really good at making things mean this or that when in fact it doesn’t. In order to have good communication you need to have an open door policy within your company. This means you always encourage conversations amongst your Team. The conversation may be about upsets, concerns, clients, other Team members or even ideas for improvement or new business. There needs to be rules however about how we communicate. Conversation needs to be for a productive purpose. Never should yelling, back stabbing, lying or gossip be tolerated. Period. If the communication is to tear down and not build up or create a solution then it should have no place within your Team.

Take immediate action: This is very important. Without it your Team will lose respect for your and not trust you. For instance if it is brought to your attention that someone on your Team is being mean, rude, disrespectful in any way or not following company policy or rules and you do not take immediate action to stop the situation from happening your Team won’t believe you. They won’t believe that you expectations or goals are really important to you and they won’t feel like they can trust you. Lack of action will tell your Team that it’s not really important to you and if it’s not important to you it won’t be important to them either.

Listen: One of the biggest complaints that I hear from Team members is that they don’t feel like they have a voice or that they are heard. When you have a Team member come to you sometimes you don’t need to do or solve anything. You just need to shut up sit down and open your ears. They may in fact already have the answer they just need support and maybe to bounce the answer off of someone they look up to so they know they are on track. If you are more worried about being heard instead of hearing you cheat them of the opportunity to be empowered to grow and become more confident in their own skills.

Help them get what they want: Your Team needs to feel that there is something in it for them too. Find out what goals your Team has for themselves and then help them achieve them. They will be infinitely happier as they are achieving things for themselves. This can be anything from a promotion at work, going back to college, buying a house or even wanting some free time to spend with their kids. Some people will say leave your personal life out of the office but I’m here to tell you if they are unhappy in their life it will come to work whether you want it to or not. If you find a way to support your Team in all areas of their life they will want to support you and thus your company in the same way.

Let them plan the fight and they won’t fight the plan: A friend of mine of by the name of Richard Rossi said this to me several years ago. One of the most brilliant things I have ever heard from a business owner. He has 70 Team members and runs a company that has more than $80 million in gross annual revenue. The culture in his company is one of freedom, awareness, responsibility and accountability. His CEO of his company has been worked for him for 24 years and has never worked anywhere else. So what makes a person never want to leave a job? Because he is not an employee that goes to a job of drudgery everyday where he doesn’t have the opportunity to make a difference. Richard has daily Team divisional meetings where goals are discussed and their execution is planned by the Team. So there is total buy in because they, the Team, came up with the plan. It’s not something that is being forced upon them they chose it. And a big moral buster is a feeling of hopelessness or helplessness which these people do not ever have because they always have the power to make things better and different. Empowerment trumps low moral every time.

Always have their back: If it is at all possible for you to stand firm in your support of your Team while in front of outsiders then do so. Sometimes I know this is not possible because of something serious that you have to take an immediate stand against like abusive behavior, yelling at another Team member or client. In those instances you would potentially refer to #6 and fire them on the spot. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about supporting your manager’s decision in front of other Team members and then going behind closed doors to coach them on things you want done differently in the future so that your manager does not lose face in front of the rest of the Team. If a client is being abusive to one of your Team then fire them IMMEDIATELY! It is vital for your Team to know that they are important to you and that how they are treated is just as important to you as how your clients are treated. If you wont’ stand behind them they won’t stand behind you.

I hope you have found this helpful and that you will view your Team and the importance of their morale as a key component in your company culture.

What are some of you doing to keep your Team engaged and excited? Comment below and share with us all. 🙂

Be Completely Dedicated To Your Work

When a homeowner is in the middle of all of the devastation they really need you to be in it for the right reasons.

It’s so important to understand just what your client is going thru during an insurance loss. They not only need your help cleaning and restoring their home but also saving and restoring as much as you can of their personal belongings.

And doing this means knowing proper cleaning techniques, how to deal with the adjuster and helping them to understand and let go when items cannot be saved.

The latter being probably the most difficult and most important to your client.

In order to do this and do it well you really have to be committed to your work.

I feel very passionate about this and I shot this short little video explaining how serious you should be about this process and why.

After you watch this video please let me know by commenting below what your thoughts are about it too...

Not Every Fire Is A Packout…

Sometimes cleaning up after a fire is not as difficult as you might think. Especially when you don’t have to packout the entire house in order to clean and deodorize the structure.

Your homeowner as well as your adjuster will love you for a clean in place over a packout anyday. The homeowner will be out of their home for a much shorter time and feel way less stressed because of it. Especially around the holidays.

It’s a win win win for everyone involved.

In fact we had this happen on one of our last jobs and I did a short little video for you to see how and why.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

At Firehouse we try to express to our clients and our coaching members just how important you all are to us but we especially want to step back and take a moment to really really express our gratitude durring the Holiday Season.

We found the typed word just wasn’t going to do so we did a short little video that we hope you enjoy:)

Mental Capital Should Be The Biggest Number On Your Balance Sheet

If you have been reading my posts at all or have watched any of our videos you know how important we feel education and especially  hands on education is.

We like to call this mental capital.

It’s the one thing that noone can ever take from you. Once you obtain it it’s yours for keeps. And it’s an assett that doesn’t depreciate or drop in value when the stock market dips.

When talking about mental capital in relation to your business the more you have the better you serve your clients. You will become a better communicator, marketer, employer and value provider.

With this in mind there is an event that I want to make sure you have all heard about that is being sponsored by CCINW and CFI in Reno June 27-29.

It’s called the Cleaning College event and here is a link to find out the details and register:


Kevin, Travis and I will be exhibiting with our Mobile Unit at the event.

As with all the other exhibitors we will be doing hands on demonstrations with deordorization, ultrasonic and more.

If you really want to find out the latest techniques and tricks of the trade as well as being able to do hands on stuff this event is something you won’t want to miss. Let me know if you have any questions.

We hope to see you in Reno!

Till then




The Power Of A Conversation

Tomorrow morning we are leaving to catch an airplane at 4:00am and flying from one side of the country to the other.

Literally…Washington to Florida 🙂

Why would we do that…?

To have a conversation with YOU.

You see we believe in the power of a conversation.

In just a short conversation with the right person you can revamp your marketing strategies, identify opportunities, change your perspective and create massive value for one another.

That being said…we want to do just that…have a conversation with you! 🙂

We will be in Clearwater Beach Florida for 4 days at Connections and we want you to come to the event and talk with us.

Let’s talk about how you are doing right now…

Are you getting what you want out of your cleaning or restoration company? Do you struggle to find good solid employees that will take care of your clients like they own the company? Are adjusters handing you work constantly? Are you looking for a high value service that you can provide that will give you the edge over your competition? Are there systems in place in your company that automatically create repeat and referral business for you? Do your clients get a WOW! experience from your company consistently?

I know that is a lot of questions to throw at you but these are the kinds of converstations that we want to have with you.

So come to Connections and stop by and say hi to us in booth 311 Firehouse Education.

We will have a limited number of folders available with information on our upcoming Reno class and our tried and true proven method on how to get the job everytime. This is the same system that we have used in our business that creates incredible results on auto pilot creating for us an 85% referral based cleaning and restoration business that we enjoy.

Here’s a link with all the info:


So come on…come say hi! 🙂

Talk soon,

~Annissa and Kevin


So Cut To The Chase…Am I Gonna Need A Second Mortgage?

No! Absolutely NOT!

And if someone tells you otherwise I’ll bet it’s because they stand to make some commission when you spend all that money.

I’ve heard horror stories of people who are getting into this business being sold tens of thousands of dollars or more of equipment and they don’t even have a building yet nor have they even taken a class!

Now don’t get me wrong you can spend as much money as you want to start up any kind of business and some people do and are very successful. But some people do and within a year they are broke and closing the door and selling off all of the assets that they spent tons of money on that wasn’t necessary to buy in the beginning phase of their business in the first place.

I know first hand of countless cleaning and restoration companies that started out on a shoe string budget sometimes not even owning a single piece of equipment before they opened their doors. And they have been wildly successful.

Sometimes I wonder if this makes us stronger as business owners knowing that it’s up to us to have the skills and ability to sell the job and deliver the value not the fancy equipment in our arsenal.

Now before anybody gets ticked at me (like any equipment manufactuers reading this :)) I want to make it very clear that I am not saying that equipment is not necessary or important in this industry. We all know that the better the tools are that you have the easier, faster and sometimes better the job.

But if all you are worrying about is having all the big bad expensive equipment at your disposal and don’t focus on the other part that you can’t rent or lease then you probably aren’t going to have much success in your business.

The big thing that I want to stress here is not to worry about how to buy the equipment so much. There are several ways to “get” the equipment that you need. You can buy, rent, lease and sometimes trade for it.

I’m not going to go into the equipment and supplies list this post (as I am going to cover that in great detail in a future post) but I am going to dig into the things that you must have and how you can get them.

Then you are going to need to purchase some smaller cleaning tools and supplies. For instance mops, buckets, brooms, specialty scrub brushes and industry specific specialty cleaning and deodorizing agents. But again remember you don’t need a warehouse full you just need enough to do one job to begin with. As you get bigger you can buy in bigger quantities and save some money as well.

A big thing you need to budget in is Education and systems. This is the single most important aspect in my opinion. Cause without it nothing else matters.

Now you can get educated in a variety of ways. You can take a class, buy an online course, read a book and even Google yourself to death. This can all range in cost from several thousand dollars to free.

But I would ask you what is the value if the price is free?

Without education and systems in place you can have all the shiny new state of the art equipment that money can buy and you will have shiny new state of the art equipment that you have no idea how to use to make money with.

You need to be willing to invest in your knowledge base so you can build a good foundation for your business.

You can expect to spend several thousand dollars on your education and systems right away. It’s your best investment period!

So I guess to answer the question “How much do I need to invest to startup a new cleaning reastoration company”?

I would give you an estimate of minimum supplies and equipment that need to be purchased outright and tell you that you can get into this business for under $1000.

I’m just trying to drive my point home that this is really a question that needs to be answered by the individual circumstances of the individual and what they are willing and wanting to do.

Next we are going to talk about Education and Systems.

So what do you think?

I would love to hear your feedback…


Cool Toys We Get To Use

It’s not only cool that we get to do what it is we do but it is also cool that we get to use some of the most sophisticated equipment around:)

The Ultrasonic machine is one of my favs.

Not only is it a very impressive technical machine but it does some really neat stuff too!

Just watch the video and you will see what I mean.