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Mobile Clean Unit On The Road

Firehouse Education is a business we founded to help people and businesses get proper fire restoration training and learn about the fire restoration business. However, we also have another business, called Mobile Clean Systems, that helps victims of fire and smoke damage. This is our contents and structure cleaning business that keeps us in the field so we can help people get back to their normal lives after a fire.

We have a unique way of handling our content restoration jobs. We don’t pack out a client’s personal belongings and take them to a warehouse to clean them like most other restoration companies. We actually pull our 34′ state of the art cleaning and restoration warehouse right into their driveway and clean on site.

It just didn’t make sense to pack up dirty contents when they could be cleaned and packed on site and save the homeowners as well as the insurance companies money and stress.

This type of processing is very comforting to homeowners as their belongings stay with them most of the time instead of being hauled away by a crew of people that they barely know and put into a warehouse that they have never been to before.

We are able to process claims on the average of 7.2 days. For any of you not in the industry already, this is quite incredible since the current average for warehouse processing is 2 to 4 months.

We teach pack out strategies at Firehouse Education, but we also focus on Mobile Cleaning as it is so much easier and less stressful.

I will be talking off and on about mobile cleaning so I thought it was important for me to have a page on the website that talked a little about why we do it mobile style.

About 5 years ago I was asked the question, Why can’t we clean contents onsite instead of packing them up and hauling them clear back to a warehouse?

So we started out by putting equipment in the back of a 38′ semi-trailer and we pulled it up on site when the location allowed it and began processing contents right in the driveway of the affected home.

5 years later we have a new design that allows us even more room and equipment in a 34′ fifth wheel pictured above.

The unit is great for residential, business, and even CAT type losses.

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