Show Me The Money – Cash Flow Is Vital For Your Business


I recently received an email from a contractor asking me how to go about getting draws on a large restoration job.

I did a video for my column in answer to his questions and I thought you might find it valuable.

Let me know what you think…

2 thoughts on “Show Me The Money – Cash Flow Is Vital For Your Business”

    1. Hi Alex, That is the number one question that we get asked and it is a very in depth answer. But in short there are 3 important things that you can do to get “in” with adjusters and find them.
      1. When you get called out on a loss always do your best to meet with the adjuster on the job site for a walk thru.
      2. Research and find who are the top insurance companies in your service area and get them on your Monthly Client Newsletter list. It is best to mail them but you can also email them to adjusters that do not have an address per say.
      3. Leverage the heck out of client testimonials to show social proof that your company and your work is different than the rest.

      I hope this helps. 🙂 Annissa

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