Two August Classes Coming Up

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We have two Advanced Firehouse Education Contents and Structure Cleaning classes on deck for this month.

And the cool part is you don’t have to get on an airplane to get certified.

Check out the details here.

Have an AWESOME day!

Talk soon,

If You Want It Then You Have To Earn It

How does that saying go…


Although I do believe that showing up early bright eyed and bushy tailed gives that little birdie an advantage over the other little birdies, it still doesn’t mean he’s getting the worm. He needs to do more than shown up to seal the deal.

The worm has to be earned.

So ask yourself what are you doing to earn your jobs?

There are 3 key ways that we earn jobs in any industry.

One is by having an extraordinary skill set and ability to get the job done well. There are classes you will need to have under your belt so that you have the knowledge you need to do the work you are telling your customer that you will deliver for them. As well as equipment that needs to be available so you have the ability to get it done correctly and efficiently.

The second is the intense desire to get the client the end result that they are seeking. after all it is ultimately the client that is paying you not their insurance company.

And the third is providing outrageous value. Value to all involved. There is usually at least three different people involved on every job. A homeowner, the insurance company and a subcontractor.

Notice I used the words intense, extraordinary and outrageous. Not good or average. There are lots of businesses out there that get things done with “good” or “average” results. If you are one of them I don’t care how early you show up you probably won’t get the job. And you won’t get an adjuster or insurance company to use you exclusively sending you more work than you can handle.

If you approach every job or client with the mentality that you must earn their business you will transform your checkbook, your profits and your team’s commitment in no time.

I know that a lot of you have awesome businesses that do these things already.

So I challenge you to ask…How can I do AWESOME even more AWESOME?

We can improve almost anything if we put our focus on it.

So let me know by commenting below how you plan to take AWESOME to a whole new level in your company? 🙂